The Association of Danube River Municipalities has а pro-active and leadership role in the significant improvement of population’s quality of life in the member municipalities. People can reach their potential in a dynamic sub-region with developed infrastructure and productive business environment, where science and innovation are leading and the stakeholders partner for the attainment of the common objectives. The Association achieves its strategic objective through facilitation of the work of the local administrations, businesses, universities and research institutions, and non-governmental organizations in the priority areas of transport, ecological and energy infrastructure; social and economic development; science, technology and education; and security.


6 pillars of Association’s management:

  • Decisions, based on consultations, expertise and team-work
  • Organization with reputation, recognizable identity, resources and partnerships
  • Work at the local, national and international levels
  • Accessible information reservoir
  • Planning, measurable indicators of success
  • Coordinated approach regarding the priority areas, work with various target groups