Name of the project



Horizon Europe

Project duration

4 years (2023-2027)


26 partners and 20 associated partners from 12 different countries

Total grant amount

8 200 873.75 EUR

Project description

DAnube WETlands REStoration (DaWetRest) Lighthouse is designed to develop and demonstrate (pilot) concrete solutions applied on the Danube basin to address the challenges faced by its inland and coastal wetlands ecosystems, namely on:

  • biodiversity;
  • water quality and availability;
  • climate resilience and/or neutrality;
  • socio-economic benefits for the local communities.

These transformative and innovative solutions will be validated by local communities and main Regional and European-wide stakeholders. DaWetRest has the role to prepare and plan the replication, deployment and scaling up of the validated innovative solutions for the next mission’s phase. For this important scope, DaWetRest project proposes several strong ideas, such as:

  • building and selecting interventions based on extensive and prior know-how (sibling sites and non-EU experiences);
  • local, regional and basin scale integrated interdependent analysis of results from the planned interventions;
  • merge DaWetRest own data, models and digital tools with existing and future ones, towards a centralized knowledge centre in the future;
  • involve the managing authorities and a number of local actors in the entire process, from the very beginning.

Thus, DaWetRest results will accelerate and generalize the deployment of innovative solutions in the second phase of the Mission. The demonstration of innovative and result-oriented solutions is organized in 3 DEMOs –

  • DEMO Middle Danube (MD);
  • DEMO Lower Danube (LD);
  • DEMO Danube Delta (DD).

Each DEMO offers main intervention sites, pilots, sibling locations, replications, platforms/services, local stakeholders engagement and methodologies to strengthen the innovation, knowledge and cooperation in and beyond DaWetRest in Danube basin and across Europe. Via a widely representative consortium as well as active cooperation (e.g. Community of Practice), DaWetRest will provide tools for a significant transformation in the Danube.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the project: https://dawetrest.eu.