Project name

RINNO - a model for enhancing the benefits of Romania-Bulgaria cross - border region cooperation by using R&D&I


Cross–Border Cooperation Programme Romania–Bulgaria 2007–2013


Lead partner

National Authority for Scientific Research

Ministry of National Education, Romania



Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria

The Foundation for Democracy, Culture and Liberty, Calarasi Branch

Association of the Danube River Municipalities “Danube”


25 months


€ 2,333,364.80


€ 1,979,160.03

National co-financing

Romania – € 259,900.10

Bulgaria – € 43,437.32

Own contribution

€ 5,398.28

Description of the project

The use of R&D&I is essential for increasing the economic competitiveness in the European Union, as stipulated in the Lisbon Agenda goals and the subsequent planning documents at national level. The importance of R&D&I is recognized and emphasized in the European Commission strategy “EUROPE 2020”, which priorities are smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The first two priorities are focused on R&D&I.

This is the context of RINNO and the Project has strategic character regarding its geographic and organizational dimensions.

Also, the results of R&D&I could be used both horizontally and transversally in all areas covered by the Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, this being another argument for the strategic character of the project. R&D&I national strategies adopted by the Romanian Government and by the Bulgarian Government in accordance with obligations they have as the Member States should be linked in the common border area to maximize the role of the research-development-innovation. The main result could be the economic and social development of the area, which is a major problem but also a strategic one.

The project will be focused on:

- Developing the necessary institutional framework to support partnership between R&D&I, universities, central and local administration and SMEs in Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area;

- Increase cooperation between R&D&I, universities, central and local administration and SMEs to capitalize the comparative advantages of Romania-Bulgaria area using the strategic planning;

- Supporting sustainable development of the area through specific instruments for effective use of natural and human resources;

- Speed up the economic and social sustainable development of the cross-border area in order to diminish the gaps compared to the more developed regions of the EU. The results will be used in all areas of interest taking into consideration the fact that we shall set up a cross-border social and economic development strategy involving R&D&I and institutional development.