Project name

Danube Cross-border system for Earthquakes Alert (DACEA)


Cross–Border Cooperation Programme Romania–Bulgaria 2007–2013

Lead partner

National Institute of Research and Development for Earth Physics


Geophysical Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

“OLTENIA” Dolj County Inspectorate for Emergency Situations

Association of Danube River Municipalities “Danube”

The Foundation for Democracy, Culture and Liberty, Calarasi Branch


30 months


€ 5,730,796.00


€ 4,860,861.17

National Co-

Romania – € 690,676.48

Bulgaria – € 54,327.00

Own Contributions

€ 124,931.35

Project description

The general objective of DACEA project is to develop an early warning system in order to prevent the natural disasters caused by earthquakes in the cross-border area, taking into account the nuclear power plants and other chemical plants located along the Danube. This will contribute in maintaining and increasing of the life quality and increasing the attractiveness of the Danube area.

The project supports the protection of the natural environment, which represents an initially condition of any kind of human operation, especially if there are hot spots along the Danube.

The project objective is addressing the need for conservation and protection of the environment, including prevention of natural and technical risks, and joint fast emergency responses. For the fragile environment in the Romania-Bulgaria area, hazards can have natural origins such as earthquakes. The lack of prevention system could lead to a general disaster, considering the Danube river, which is a conduct for all types of pollution, and the nuclear power plants located close to the river. A prudent exploitation and effective protection against risks is a prerequisite.

The project responds to the needs concerning the environment protection identified in the SWOT analysis of the area and contributes to the achievement of the specific objective № 3: Sustainability of the intrinsic value of the area’s natural resources by prudent exploitation and effective protection of the fragile environment, set by the strategy of the Programme.