INTERREG 2014 - 2020

Name of project

 Investigation of opportunities for reducing the TEN-T network use within the cross-border region Romania-Bulgaria through optimization of the freight and passenger transport and the development of a joint mechanism for support of the intermodal connections



Programme Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria 2014-2020.

Lead partner

Association of Danube River Municipalities “Danube” (ADRM)


"The Ecological Initiative and Sustainable Development Group” Foundation (E.I.S.D.G Foundation)

c. Craiova, Romania

Project duration

24 months


€ 1,428,765.73


€ 1,214,450.87


co financing

Bulgaria – € 122,664.72

Romania – € 63,074.82

Own contributions

€ 28,575.32

Project description




















The main objective of the project is to significantly improve the process of planning, development and coordination of cross-border transport system to better connect with the TEN-T network in the border region. Elaboration of an expert preliminary study, development and adoption of common strategy on TEN-T network enhancement through improving intermodal nodes’ capacity in the cross- border region.

The main activities under the project are:

- Elaboration of a preliminary study on intermodal nodes’ current state and their capability to enhance the TEN-T network within the Bulgarian part of the CBC area;

- Adoption of a joint common strategy to improve the TEN-T network by increasing the capacity of intermodal nodes;

- Consultations with stakeholders and the expert community:

• roundtables: 4 in Romania and 4 in Bulgaria.

The objectives that the project sets itself is a well-planned and sustainable development of transport infrastructure and organization of transport networks for the four modes of passenger and freight transport: road, water, air and rail.

The end result of the project will be an enhanced transport connectivity of the entire region as well as cross- border cooperation of the relevant actors in the formulation of transport policies and making investment decisions.