The Statute of ADRM, Article 5

The Association:

  • Represents the interests of its member municipalities before the central authorities and their regional structures, before Bulgarian and oversees public organizations and other institutions to the purpose of developing the civil society through support of strong and responsible institutions of local/ regional government
  • Collaboration with and mediation of the member municipalities in the development of common strategies and implementation of programs to strengthen local/ regional government and civil society as well as to provide sustainable development of the cities and settlements in the sub-region.
  • Support to the member municipalities in the implementation of regional, national and international programs of socio-economic development. Support for the local businesses and in the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region and in the municipalities.
  • Facilitates and participates in the development of a single electronic information system for the municipal authorities.
  • Implements training and capacity building programs with the members of municipal councils and municipal administrations to offer better services to the population.
  • Conducts and disseminates studies on the best Bulgarian and international local government practices.
  • Implements projects to expand the understanding of the role and importance of local government, as well as the citizen involvement.
  • Cooperation with other organizations in Bulgaria and abroad and expanding the cross-border cooperation.