2nd EcoDaLLi workshop in Vienna

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On the 22nd of August the second EcoDaLLi stakeholders engagement workshop took place in Vienna, Austria in a hybrid format. The event was held in the framework of the 30th edition of the Danube Conference organized by BOKU. The workshop is a collaborative effort by ICLEI Europe and the Association of Danube River Municipalities (ADRM) in partnership with BOKU.

Themed "Restore our Ocean and Waters: EcoDaLLi stakeholders workshop on innovative solutions for improved Upper Danube protection, restoration and spatial governance," this session united a diverse array of stakeholders, spanning research institutions, corporate entities, municipal departments, academia, and civil society advocates. The mission of the stakeholders is to confront hurdles, explore linkages, and pinpoint catalysts driving innovation and the efficacious enactment of wetlands and river basin revitalization methodologies across the Upper Danube corridor and beyond.

Followed by the opening words of Dr. Nadja Schlichenmaier, a short presentation about the EU Mission Restore our Oceans and Waters by 2030 framework and the EcoDaLLi project highlighted all the strategic work involved in the implementation of the Danube Lighthouse. Dr. Isin Can Traunmüller, Coordinator for Funding and Research Projects at the City of Linz, gave an inspiring presentation about "City-River interactions, challenges and actions undertaken by Linz".

Guided by the moderation of ICLEI, ADRM and Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, the workshop participants congregated into three thematic clusters:

  • biodiversity and resilience
  • water quality
  • circular and blue economy

Key insights gleaned from these discussions shed light on existing challenges and the untapped potential for innovative solutions within local spatial policy frameworks.

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