Transport connectivity - a priority for Northern Bulgaria

2019-03-14 17:03:00 Views: 377 Comments: 0

The Executive Director of the Association of the Danube Municipalities "Danube" Ms. Maria Tzankova took part in a forum on "Priority Connectivity in Northern Bulgaria", which took place in Europe Hall in Ruse. The event was attended by representatives of local authorities from the Danube region, regional governors, road safety experts and other stakeholders. The opening speech was held by the mayor of Ruse Municipality Chairman of he Management Board of the Association Mr. Plamen Stoilov.

The Chairman of the Road Infrastructure Agency, Mr. Georgi Terziyski presented priorities, objectives and tasks in the construction of transport infrastructure in Northern Bulgaria. Ms. Malina Krumova, Chairperson of the State Agency for Road Safety, talked about how to achieve a vision of zero victims of road accidents by building a safe infrastructure. In conclusion, the Institute for Road Safety presented audits on traffic safety impacts.

Ms. Maria Tzankova acquainted the audience with the results of the project "Investigation of opportunities for reducing the TEN-T network use within the cross-border region Romania-Bulgaria through optimization of the freight and passenger transport and the development of a joint mechanism for support of the intermodal connections". She also outlined the main priorities in the field of transport connectivity identified in the Common Bulgarian-Romanian Strategy for Improving the TEN-T Network by increasing the capacity of intermodal nodes. At the end of the event Ms. Tzankova provided copies of the Bulgarian-Romanian strategy to Ms. Malina Krumova and Mr. Georgi Terziyski.

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