Invitation for discussion of a natural heritage route

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We invite you to participate in round tables for public and expert discussion of a strategy for development and strategy for marketing and promotion of the sites of natural heritage included in the joint Bulgarian-Romanian tourist route "Protected natural heritage on the territory of Romania- Bulgaria ". The round tables are organized within the framework of the project "Development and promotion of a joint nature-tourist product: Route" Protected natural heritage on the territory of the cross-border region Romania-Bulgaria ", registration number, implemented by the Danube Danube Municipalities Association and funded through the Interreg VA Romania-Bulgaria Program 2014-2020. A partner on the project from the Romanian side is the Living Nature Foundation in Calarasi.

The aim of the project is to increase the sustainable use of the common natural heritage within the cross-border region through the development and promotion of an integrated tourist product in the field of natural resources: Route "Protected natural heritage in the cross-border region Romania-Bulgaria".

The project envisages the development of a marketing strategy and strategy for marketing and promotion. Such strategies are due to the fact that the development of the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region requires investments in areas such as tourism, natural tourism, in particular, to contribute to the socio-economic growth. The region has great potential for the development of natural tourism having the Danube river as its main attraction, with its diverse and specific ecosystems: rivers, riparian swamps and spills, island ecosystems and biodiversity. The region is rich in natural resources - national parks, protected nature sites and reserves that can attract a large tourist market, as well as tourists seeking to enjoy and study nature and its biodiversity. Nature Parks offer conditions for different types of ecotourism - excursions and cycling, sports, environmental education and more.

A discussion of the two strategies, consultations with stakeholders and the expert community are planned in the form of roundtables - 2 in Bulgaria and 2 in Romania.

In this regard, we kindly invite you to the roundtables in Bulgaria, which will be held

on 12.09.2017, starting at 09:30, Belene, Prestige Hotel, Conference Hall


on 13.09.2017, starting at 09:30, Ruse, Danube Hotel, Danube Conference Hall 1

We count on your participation and your expert contribution for the realization of this project!

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