DaWetRest Call for Associated Regions (Cascade Funding)

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Danube Wetlands and flood plains Restoration through systemic, community engaged and sustainable innovative actions (DaWetRest).

DaWetRest aims to develop and demonstrate concrete solutions applied in the Danube basin, to address the challenges faced by its inland and coastal wetland ecosystems. Through three demonstrators, these transformative and innovative solutions will be validated by local communities, stakeholders and 'associated regions', resulting in recommendations and new actions needed to improve the Danube wetlands, floodplains, coastal wetlands, and salt marshes.

Call for Proposals

DaWetRest is inviting Associated Regions to actively participate in the project. It is seeking to collaborate with 6 progressive Associated Regions ranging the 4 referential basins (Danube- Black Sea, Atlantic-Arctic, Baltic-North Sea, and Mediterranean Sea) that align with DaWetRest’s dedication to wetlands restoration and innovative approaches. Associated Regions are envisioned as strategic partners, contributing to the integration of DaWetRest solutions within their territories, thereby catalysing the revitalization of freshwater ecosystems. These regions will collaborate with the project to demonstrate the feasibility, replicability, and scale-up potential of innovative solutions for wetlands ecosystems restoration and conservation.

Associated Regions may gain:

  • Access to cutting-edge innovations for wetland challenges
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing with a network of experts and stakeholders through a Community of Practice
  • Support in crafting roadmap, plan, or project designed to restore freshwater ecosystems within their jurisdiction
  • Demonstration and pilot opportunities
  • Access to resources – grant of up to 75 000 €
  • Contribution to a wider mission, the Mission Ocean and Waters

Who can apply:

  • Local and/or regional authorities;
  • Applicants should have a good command of English;
  • Applicants must ensure obligations of the Grant Agreement (more details in the Call for Proposal);
  • Applicants must be eligible for participation in the EC Horizon Europe Framework Programme (EU Member States or Associated Countries).

For more information visit Associated Regions – DaWeRest ( for the full call for proposals document as well as the link to the application form.

For open questions or further details please contact

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