ADRM is a guest of the Association of German Cities and Municipalities

2023-03-14 15:56:00 Views: 22 Comments: 0

On March 7, a delegation of representatives of the Association of Danube Municipalities "Danube" visited the headquarters of the Association of German Cities and Municipalities Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund in Berlin/Germany.

The delegation, led by the Chairman of the Board of ADO "Dunav" Dr. Yulian Naydenov, was welcomed by Mr. Bernd Düsterdijk. He introduced the guests to the structure and activities of the Association of German Cities and Municipalities, which represents the interests of over 11,500 settlements or over 50 million inhabitants of the Federal Republic. An in-depth discussion followed about the current challenges facing the municipalities in both countries - the lack of funding and the lack of manpower, climate problems and the energy crisis were just some of the topics covered. The participants ended the meeting by reaching a consensus that the cooperation between the two organizations of local authorities should be deepened.

The Association of Danube River  Municipalities "Danube" thanks the Office for Commercial and Economic Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Berlin/Botschaft von Bulgarien in Berlin for the assistance in organizing and conducting this visit.

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