UPthEM training programme for aspiring entrepreneurs

2021-09-28 15:02:00 Views: 314 Comments: 0

The partners in Upskilling Pathways for Employability, project UPthEM, completed the development of the UPthEM training programme, designed for training of aspiring entrepreneurs with disadvantaged background. The programme focusses on four different disadvantaged groups: people facing socio-cultural (gender, ethnicity or religion related), economic (related to unemployment and poverty), geographical disadvantages (living in remote and rural areas with limited employment opportunities and higher, in relation to other regions, rate of long-term unemployment) and the group of people with disabilities.

The full UPthEM training programme in English is available here

In October 2021, the project partners will organize training of adult educators to implement the UPthEM programme, followed by online dissemination activities and 5 multiplier events, targeting entrepreneurs from the disadvantages groups. The project partners produced videos stories of successful entrepreneurs with disadvantages backgrounds in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Greece and Spain. These successful motivational stories are visual aid for the UPthEM programme. The collection of motivational videos can be seen in the project’s YouTube channel:

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