Final partner meeting on the Living Danube Limes project

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After the inspiring international conference "Danube Limes as a sustainable brand destination", on November 10, 2022, it was time for the last partner meeting on the project Living Danube Limes, financed under the Interreg Danube Transnational Program.

Partners from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania gathered in Sofia to discuss all the results of the project, including the amazing Danube cruise on the authentic Roman lusoria "Danuvina Alacris" and the adventures in each country, the development of a network of museum clusters, 3D reconstructions (including the pilot site in Bulgaria: Bononia, Vidin) and a mobile application for interactive presentation of the archaeological sites of the Roman heritage in the area of ​​the Danube River, etc.

In the late afternoon, it was also time for a thematic tour "In the footsteps of the Romans" in the center of Sofia, which revealed to the participants part of the more than 7,000-year history of the capital. Of course, for this type of initiative, the greatest interest was the Roman heritage, and therefore the most attention was paid to the Historical-Archaeological Complex "Serdika - Sredets". The remains reveal sections of ancient Roman buildings, roads, fortresses, the Western Tower, the Triangular Tower, the excavations of Exarch Joseph Street and the Largoto, the Eastern Gate, the Rotunda of St. George, etc. The group was also extremely impressed by the Orthodox and Catholic churches, mosques and synagogues erected and functioning in close proximity to each other.

Source: National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide"

Photo credit: National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide"

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