4th UPthEM Newsletter

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The 4th and final UPthEM Newsletter is available in all partners' languages!

Erasmus+ project Upskilling Pathways for Employabilityproject UPthEM, introducing innovation for giving employment and entrepreneurship opportunities to adults from disadvantaged groups, is finalizing its outputs and activities in October 2021.  UPthEM training programme for disadvantaged learners and future entrepreneurs isimplemented in a co-training event for adult educators from the five participating countries in Granada and it is piloted among 50 adults in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Greece and Spain. 50 inspirational videos were produced, presenting motivational stories of successful people in face of adversity.  

The outputs of UPthEM project can be used in development of national employment programmes and in initiatives led by the European networks. 

The Association of Danube River Municipalities "Danube" participates in an international consortium which is in charge of the project implementation.

The English version of the 4th Newsletter can be found here:

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